Do you have Spanish translations and audio for Article-A-Day?

At this time, all of our articles and the audio for the articles are in English. However, we do offer written translations and audio for the directions and purpose for Article-A-Day in other languages, including Spanish.

Offering written translations and audio directions in students' home languages is to ensure your students' understanding of what they are doing during the routine and why they are doing it is not obstructed.

You can provide these features for your students by following the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Class Admin.'
  2. Click on your class.
  3. Click on your student's name.
  4. Select the extra support you would like to provide your student with. By selecting 'On - Spanish,' you will be providing your student with Spanish written translations and audio versions of the directions, as well as English audio versions of the articles.
  5. Go to the 'Content' page and filter for Article-A-Day sets.
  6. Once you have found an Article-A-Day set, click on the title and then click the blue 'Assign' button
  7. When assigning the Article-A-Day set, make sure to check the 'Turn on ELL & Extra Support features' box.
  8. When your student is looking at his/her Article-A-Day assignment, he/she will be able to access these translations and audio directions by clicking 'Español.'
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